Paying Workers “Under the Table”

Are you paying your worker (employee) CASH? That is under the table cash. I know your workers love this system of payment, but the State & Federal tax departments do not. If you think that it is a great way to pay your workers, you are right. However, what happens when you get caught? NEW YORK STATE and the IRS WANT TO FIND YOU! And, they are good at finding people that are not reporting wages paid.

Keep in mind it is not legal to pay casual labor or to pay workers ‘off the books’. It is very costly if you get caught. Just total up what you pay out in a year for casual or ‘off the books’ pay. If the total is $10,000, the cost is 7.65% for your half of the social security. Because you did not file or pay the payroll taxes, you get to pay the employees share as well, another 5.65%, for a total of 13.3% or $1,330. Add in penalties & interest and it gets very expensive. This is just a start: once this audit hits the computer, both Federal & State unemployment departments plus the worker’s comp board will all be after you. This is why it does not pay to avoid payroll taxes.

Now comes the “wonderful” part. BTA Payroll Group can help you. You don’t need an employer ID number. You don’t need to be registered anywhere. You just sign up with BTA Payroll Group and you are payroll legal. Your employees are now our employees. BTA Payroll Group is insured, we carry the worker’s comp & disability insurance, file all required taxes and keep the payroll tax people off your back. With our plan, we take the guess work out of payroll. We make it very easy for you to hire workers. Here are the reasons you will love our temp service:

Each week you call in the hours for each person that works for you; we will tell you the total cost while you are on the phone.

This total cost covers all payroll costs which include:
  • Payroll Taxes withheld, no monthly payroll taxes to deposit or penalties to pay.
  • Unemployment Insurance Tax, no quarterly payments to make or penalties.
  • Worker’s Comp insurance, no large annual premiums.
  • NYS Disability (DBL) Insurance, no annual premiums.
  • And best of all, no audits for payroll taxes, Worker’s Comp, or DBL
  • No late fees or penalties to pay.

One check to BTA Payroll Group will cover all of these costs. All these costs are computed as a percentage of the hourly or weekly pay rate. Each week you are on a “pay as you go” system to make life so much easier and no start-up cost!

Our goal is to make payroll easier for you without risk.

We can help even if you need to hire a worker for a day, a week or more. Organizations and businesses that need to have employees for a short term can also sign up for this program.

Call us now for an exact quote for your business, 315-926-5188.

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